Saturday, 16 April 2011

07:00 - 08:00 Breakfast SASSIT
Venue: Room 1.52
Breakfast 12
Venue: Room 1.53
Breakfast 13
Venue: Room 1.92
Breakfast 14
Venue: Room 1.91
Breakfast 15
Venue: Room 1.93
Breakfast 16
Venue: Room 1.74
ASSA & SAJS Session
Venue: Auditorium 2
Chairmen: J Krige, S Thomson, E Panieri

The "New" SAJS
J. Krige

SAJS's Best Clinical Paper 2009/10

Chasing the Ubiquitous RET Proto-Oncogene in South African MEN2 Families - Implications for the Surgeon
S. Moore

South African Journal of Surgery Award: M Veller

Best Paper: J Krige

Prize Papers

The Significance of Radiation Exposure to Surgeons during a Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy
N Harran

Overcoming Resource Restrictions - Intra-Operative Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer with Existing Infrastructure in a Developong Country
K Baatjies

An Audit of the Quality of Initial Trauma Resuscitation in a Regional Hospital
N Allorto

Endovascular Management of Difficult Apdonail Onurium
M Horrocks - Past President ASGBI

Advanced Colorectal Cancer: What the Recent Trials Tell Us
John Primrose - Vice President ASGBI

  Venue: Room 2.64 - 2.66

The Role of the ERCP Nurses
A Sparaco

Prize Giving

Anti Reflux Surgery
Venue: Ballroom East
Chairman: B Baigrie

Current Indications for Antireflux Surgery - Should we Adopt the SAGES Guidelines?
Panellists: D Folcher, S Thomson, P Bornman, A Potgieter

Moderator and EAES Perspective
A Fingerhut

Bariatric Surgery
Chairman: A Potgieter

How to Avoid Complications in Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery A Fingerhut

Roux en Y Bypass is the Gold Standard? When Should we Use Other Procedures? E Swanepoel

Penetrating Injury
Venue: Room 2.44 - 2.46
Chairmen: A Nicol, P Navsaria

Penetrating Cardiac Injury
A Nicol

Non-Operative Management of Abdominal Gunshot Wounds
P Navsaria

Complex Gunshot Wounds of the Liver
MS Moeng

Therapeutic Laparoscopy in Trauma, The New Paradigm
Z Koto

Practice Guidelines: Vascular Dialysis Access 1
Venue: Room 2.41 - 2.43
Chairmen: N Naidoo, R Botha

Preprocedural Evaluation - Methods and Indications
R Britz

In which Patients should a Vein in the Cubital Fossa be the First Choice?
D le Roux

Optimal Acute Dialysis Access
P Eloff

Grafts used for AV Access
T Abdool - Carrim

Monitoring of Vascular Dialysis Access
N Naidoo

Alternative Veins to Superficial Veins in the Upper Limb
R Britz

Optimal Medical Therapy for Venous Access
J Kowalczyk

Free Paper Session
Venue: Room 2.61 - 2.63
Chairman: M Franck

O1 - O8

08:15 - 08:45 Combined Session 5: Education and Training
Venue: Auditorium 1
Chairmen: M Veller, T van Gulik

Use of the HPB Journal for Education
S Connor

Simulator Training in HPB Interventions
D Bizos

How to Assess Technical Skills
P Ridgway

Combined Session 6: Hepatology for the HPB Surgeon
Venue: Ballroom West
Chairmen: K de Jong, A Sparaco

Bacterial Translocation, SIRS and Sepsis in Chronic Liver Disease
S van der Merwe

Metabolic Syndrome: Impact for Surgery

Surgery in the Diseased Liver
O Soubrane

Modern Approach to Budd Chiari Syndrome
P Lodge

Current Treatment of Viral Hepatitis
W Spearman

Current & Future Management of Post-Operative Liver Failure
J Belghiti

Free Papers 11
Venue: Room 1.6
Chairmen: M Klipin, J Koea

O90 - O97

Update 12
Venue: Room 1.4
Chairmen: D Zacharoulis, G.L Grazi

Extending the Limits of Surgery for CRLM
M Rees

08:45 - 09:45 Free Papers 12
Venue: Room 1.4
Chairmen: D Zacharoulis, G.L Grazi

O99 - O104

    IBD Patient Information Meeting
Venue: Roof Terrace Room
Chairman: D Epstein
Sponsored by all the IBD Pharma

Welcome and Introduction
D Epstein

IBD: Why Me? Why Now?
K Pettengell

10 Facts all IBD Patients Should Know
G Watermeyer

Refreshment Break

09:45 - 10:15 Specialization within HPB Surgery

For: I Borel-Rinkes
Against: K Conlon

Update 11
Venue: Room 1.6
Chairmen: M Klipin, J Koea

Do We Need a RCT Comparing Ablation with Surgery for Selected CRLM?
T John

  UEMS Board Examination in HPB Surgery
X Rogiers

IHPBA Fellowships
P-A Clavien

10:15 - 10:45
Venue: Exhibition Hall
10:45 - 12:30 Combined Session 7
Topic: Colorectal Liver Metastasis
Venue: Ballroom West
Chairmen: J Krige, M Milicevic

Role of Neoadjuvant / Perioperative Chemotherapy
P Ruff

Symposium 12: Advances in the Perioperative Management of HPB Patients
Venue: Room 1.4
Chairmen: R Prasad, J Pekolj

The Role of Anaesthesia
B Beck

Use of Drains in HPB Surgery
C Bassi

Evidenced-Based Enhanced Recovery Surgery in HPB Surgery
C deJong

Omega 3 Fatty Acids in HPB Surgery
P-A Clavien

Major HPB Resections in Octogenarians
G Toogood

Free Video 6
Venue: Room 1.6
Chairman: S Wigmore, TBC

V39 - V48

        IBD Patient Information Meeting
Venue: Roof Terrace Room
Chairman: D Epstein
Sponsored by all the IBD Pharma

Overview of Medical and Surgical Treatment of IBD
D Epstein

Pregnancy and Other Women's Issues in IBD
J van der Woude

Living Successfully with IBD
I Regenass

Internet, Facebook, Twitter and IBD
D Pauw

D Epstein

Venue: Room 2.64 - 2.66

Cleaning and Disinfection of Scopes

Those with flights to catch need to leave

Photo Quiz Lucky Dips

  Abdominal Vascular Injury
Venue: Room 2.44 - 2.46
Chairmen: H du Plessis, P van Rooyen

Retro-Peritoneal Injury
H du Plessis

Vena Cava Injury
P van Rooyen

Damage Control Resuscitation 2011 and Beyond
T Gaarder

Practice Guidelines for Venous Access 2
Venue: Room 2.41 - 2.43
Chairmen: P Matley, J Pillai

Long Term use of Catheters for Haemodialysis
J Kowalczyk

The Lower Limb for Access
J Robbs

Can Venous Hypertension be Avoided
C Dreyer

Treatment of Venous Hypertension
R Botha

Management of Failed Graft
C Dreyer

Management of Access Aneurysms
M Forlee

When All Access Sites have Failed
N Paruk

Development of the South African Guideline
P Matley / J Pillai

Wound Update
Venue: Room 2.61 - 2.63
Chairman: P Welch

When is a Wound a Complex / Chronic Wound - Referral Considerations?
G Weir

When is a Wound a Healable / Maintenance / Non-Healable Wound - Management Considerations?
H Smart

Interactive Practical Session
G Weir & H Smart

12:30 - 13:00 Synchronous Liver Resections

Yes: J Ramos
No: S Breitenstein

            Case Presentations - Penetrating Trauma

D Alard, M Moeng, T Hardcastle

  Liver First or Colon First Approach
C Verhoef

Mutiple Site Metastasis - Who Treats First, Lung or Liver?
C Christophi

Role of PET in CRLM
E Abdalla

How to Manage Liver Metastases that Disappear
R Adam

13:00 - 14:00
Venue: Exhibition Hall
Venue: 2.41 - 2.43
14:00 - 15:20
Venue: Auditorium 1
Venue: Roof Terrace Room
Chairmen: D Hellenberg, G Bresick
This GP Update Programme is sponsored by AstraZeneca

Lunch Break


Red Flags in Gastoenterology
V.G Naidoo

A Practical Approach to Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease
S Thomson

Peptic Ulcer Disease: HPylori & NSAIDS
A Mahomed

The Constipated Child
R Brown

Colorectal Cancer Management: Significant Advances
B Baigrie

Refreshment Break

VASSA / TSSA Combined Session
Venue: Room 2.44 - 2.46
Chairmen: JT Robbs, KD Boffard

Pelvic Bleeding: A Vascular Surgeons Perspective
AJ Arain

Pelvic Bleeding: A Traumatologists Perspective
KD Boffard

Visceral Haemorrhage: A Vascular Surgeons Perspective
JT Robbs

Visceral Haemorrhage: A Traumatologists Perspective
MS Moeng

Balloon Tamponade in the Management of Penetrating Neck and Upper Thoracic Injuries
P Navsaria


Venue: Room 2.61 - 2.63
Chairman: P Welch

When Should a Patient with a Wound be Given Topical Antibiotics - Interventions Topical?
H Smart

When Should a Patient with a Wound be Given systemic Antibiotics - Intervents Systemic?
G Weir

When should a Patient with a Wound be Refrred for Advanced Wound Care or Intervention - Interventions Specialized (TNPT, HBO2, Surgery etc.)
G Weir & H Smart


Summarise and Closure
E English

Close and Thanks
F Bartlett

15:20 - 15:45
Venue: Auditorium 1
15:45 - 16:15
Venue: Auditorium 1 Foyer
16:15 - 18:00 SAGES GP Update
Venue: Roof Terrace Room
Chairmen: D Hellenberg, G Bresick
This GP Update Programme is sponsored by AstraZeneca

Paediatric Reflux
E Nel

The Appropriate Use of Tumour Markers
J Botha

A Practical Approach to the Patient with Chronic Diarrhoea
D Levin

Common Anorectal Disorders
P Goldberg

World Digestive Health Day 2011: overcoming Enteric Infections, Clean Water, Clean Food, Clean Environment
R Ally

ASSA Ethics Plenary
Venue: Auditorium 1
Chairman: M Veller, M Smith, R Ally

Activism in South Africa's Healthcare System
M Sonderup

Media Freedom - Future Threats?
JP van Niekerk

Topic: National Health Insurance - The Issues

Will the South African Population Benefit from the NHI?

The Macroeconomic Impact of the NHI
B Brink

Panel Discussion

Presidents ASSA and SAGES
Presenatation of Prizes for Best Papers Presented
Handing Over of ASSA and SAGES Presidencies

M Veller and M Smith, R Ally


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