Post Congress Laparoscopic HPB Surgery Workshop Invitation

1st Live South African HPB Laparoscopic Surgery Workshop
18 April 2011
Wits University Donald Gordon Medical Centre, Johannesburg

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We would like to invite you to join us in the First Advanced Laparoscopic HPB surgery workshop to take place in South Africa.
The European Hepatobiliary Association meeting in Cape Town next year April brings some of the most eminent experts in the field to our shores. In order to capitalise on this opportunity a live advanced laparoscopic hepatopancreaticobiliary surgery workshop has been organised to take place on the 18th of April 2011 at Wits University Donald Gordon Medical Centre in Johannesburg. Four theatres will be run simultaneously, three will be purely laparoscopic procedures and the fourth will be advanced endoscopic procedures. Subject to patient availability, the laparoscopic surgery will be carried out by experts in the field and will include common bile duct exploration, pancreaticoduodenectomies, Frey's, pancreatic segmental resections, distal pancreatectomies, double by passes and liver resections. There will be the possibility to continually interact with the faculty and pertinent topics will be covered.

It is hoped that you will join us at this workshop and be stimulated and encouraged to further the development of laparoscopic hepatopancreaticobilary surgery.

Kind regards,

Anna Sparaco
Chairman of LHPB
workshop committee
Prof MD Smith
Chairman of Local EHPBA
organising committee
Prof J Ramos
President of HPBASA