Breakfast Sessions

  SASSIT Pancreas topics
Rowan Parks

S Burmeister
  Necrosectomies in Acute Pancreatitis - Where is the Pendulem?
Ebrahim Dalwai
  Adjuvant Therapies in Pancreatic Cancer - What is the Evidence?
Ash Dasrath
1. How I prevent and manage post operative Pancreatic fistulas Shailesh V.
J Shmidt
2. Managing Bile Duct Injuries Costas Avgerinos D Gouma
3. My technique to deviding the liver parenchyma P Lodge M Milicevic
4. Challenges in starting a new liver transplant service R Brits L Carneiro
5. Multifocal liver mets - the surgical approach TBA M Rees
  SASSIT Biliary Topics T Van Gulik S van der Merwe
  Biliary Imaging Techniques - Which Ones to use When?
Thinus Smit
  Gallbladder Polyps
Pieter Oosthuisen
1. Options in the management of post inflammatory pancreatic fluid collection Ross Carter Saxon Connor
2. Gallbladder Cancer: What I do with the bile duct and lymph nodes in the porta hepatis H Lang S Strasberg
3. How to select patients for laparoscopic liver resection N O'Rourke G Belli
4. Is living related donor programs the answer to the limited availability of cadever livers X Rogiers TBA
5. How I approach locally advanced pancreatic neuroendocrine tumpours J Ramos M Falconi
6. Surgical Strategy in icteric biliary cancer patients Y Nimura D Manas
  SASSITLiver Topics P-A Clavien J Ramos
  Hepatocellular Carcinoma 2011
Ismail Cassimjee
  Colorectal Liver Metastases - Where we Stand Today
Taurai Zimunhu
1. The approach to the suspected asymptomatic pancreatic cystic neoplasm R Salvia Christos Dervenis
2. Surgical Tips in the management of choledochal cysts Ajith Siriwardena Javier Lendoire
3. Liver preservation techniques in the cirrhotic liver J Belghiti S Wigmore
4. The approach to intrahepatic stones See Ching Chan S Burnmeister
5. Broadening the indications for laparoscopic pancreatic surgery U Boggi P Ridgeway